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Worldwide recognition

More than 10,000 meters of pressure pipelines repaired with composite materials


Engineering and design with composite materials, effectively putting into practice the theoretical calculation hypotheses


Automated construction process, same mechanical properties at any point of the surface


Longevity in the useful life of the materials used, mitigating any future corrosion without maintenance.


Safe for workers and the environment in confined spaces, no risk of inhalation of vapors


Innovation, commitment

Our mission is to restore, replace or increase the structural integrity lost in the assets, providing the required mechanical properties at any point of the surface.

Pressure pipelines, infrastructures, equipment, tanks and reservoirs. We have consolidated a process of strategic change through technology transfer from the aeronautical sector to our sectors of activity.

We solve industrial deficiencies and incorporate new alternatives to traditional metallurgical solutions. We implement our solutions on-site, wherever our customers' needs are, keeping their equipment and facilities in operation with reliability, quality and safety.


Main customers

The trust of our customers, a joint strategic change process

Lastest news

Papers, projects and official publications. Take a look at our latest developments

Participation in AEAS official guides

Grupo Navec has collaborated in the preparation of the two official guides of AEAS, Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation, for the Repair of Large Arteries and Asset Management focused on Tanks.

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Navantia S-81 and S-82 Submarines Inspection Contract

Navantia awards Grupo Navec a contract for the inspection of surface treatments on the S-81 and S-82 submarines to be executed between 2020 and 2021 at the Cartagena shipyard with an expected duration of 12 months.

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YWP 'Young Water Professionals' Madrid Congress

Francesc Robles, Applied Engineering Director of Navec Group, presents the infusion and vacuum technology being used in the main arteries of Madrid, at the 'Young Water Professionals' Congress held at the UPM.

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In figures

Full service with physical facilities in Asturias, Tarragona, Madrid, Cartagena, Algeciras and Huelva.




JEC Innovation Awards

Grupo Navec's technology has been recognized by the most important organization for composite materials in the world as a technological innovation at the 'JEC Innovation Awards' in Paris, alongside renowned companies such as Airbus, Audi, BMW, Komatsu, Ford and Porsche, among others.

It consists of the in-situ construction of pipes and/or pressure vessels using carbon fiber, employing a methodology of high-strength epoxy resin infusion and homogeneous consolidation under vacuum pressure.

Its mission is to restore, replace or increase the structural integrity lost in infrastructures. Depending on the state of the base material, it can be considered as a lost mold, not contributing to the support of structural loads.


Long-term vision

In the commitment to a circular economy to conserve, maintain and extend the value of fluid distribution and storage networks and infrastructures, especially drinking water, Navec Group's technology has become, for years, a reality that demands a cultural and strategic change when rethinking the conservation of these facilities.

The homogeneous dosing of the constituent materials, effectively implementing the theoretical calculation hypotheses, the elimination of the human factor and the longevity of the composite materials, in terms of resistance to degradation and corrosion, ensure the reliability and homogeneity of the resulting assembly, and provide a long-term vision in the field of industrial, preventive and corrective maintenance.

The greatest advantage is found in buried systems where the logistical difficulties of access and auxiliary means can be an impediment due to the complexity of performance by traditional means, and in equipment with practically exhausted or discontinued useful life, without replacements.


What do we offer?

A safe, reliable and long-lasting alternative to traditional repair and maintenance methods, regulated by internationally recognized standards.


Study and design of customized solutions according to the needs of each client, with experience in more than 10,500 interventions in the last 10 years.


Specific calculations and intervention procedures according to ISO, ASME and AWWA standards, certified by an independent Authorized Control Body.


Testing and characterization of materials used, collaboration with universities, technology centers and external laboratories accredited by ENAC.


Turnkey projects with expertise and qualified personnel, certified inspectors and purchasing capacity of 45 M€ with more than 150 international suppliers. 


A brushstroke of projects and applications of our day-to-day life

Nuclear refrigeration system

Implantation of carbon fiber in 1.5 km DN 800 mm, seawater cooling system of the nuclear reactor.

Drinking water pipes

Carbon fiber implantation in critical points of the main pressurized drinking water arteries.

Hydroelectric power plants

Repair of penstock in hydroelectric power plants, major Spanish energy companies

Maritime marsh

Upgrading of 1.8 km DN 600 mm, thermal oil pipeline in operation in maritime pontoon

Pumps, dynamic equipment

Repair, rebuilding and protection of pump bodies, scrolls, impellers, shafts and accessories

Tanks, reservoirs

Rehabilitation of storage tanks and reservoirs, chemical and petroleum companies

Heat exchangers

Recovery and protection of heat exchanger bodies, tubesheets, distributors, heads and covers

Waterproofing, protection

Application of chemical and corrosion protection coatings on any industrial part or equipment.

GRP, GRP, GRE systems

Integral assembly of various fiberglass reinforced systems for the replacement of piping systems


Don't take our word for it; here's what some of our customers have to say

"ANAV relies on Navec Group's technology to implant carbon fiber in 1.5 km DN 800 of the seawater cooling system of its nuclear reactor."

"Endesa awards Navec Group a framework contract to intervene in the forced draft piping of all its Spanish power plants, UPH Sur, Noroeste and Pirineos."

"Canal de Isabel II relies on Grupo Navec's technology to implant carbon fiber in its main arteries DN 1600 of drinking water in Madrid".

"The Dynasol Elastomers group awards a unique project to Grupo Navec to refurbish 1.8 km DN 600 of piping in operation of its maritime jetty"

"Enagás central unit approves Navec Group technology for external repairs of its gas pipelines in Spain with composite materials"

"Dow Chemical gives an innovation award to Navec Group for its commitment to improving its facilities with innovative composites solutions"

"Repsol has chosen the tandem Navec Group and Future Pipe Industries to design, manufacture and assemble the GRP piping projects for its plants in Spain".

"Iberdrola is committed to cultural change and introduces Navec Group technology in the refurbishment of its Spanish hydroelectric power plants."

"Cepsa company approves composite skid cradle type supports designed and manufactured by Navec Group as its standard in long distance pipelines."


Industrial, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, power, gas, mining, drinking water and food

Chronology, key milestones

Strategic agreements with international aeronautical and automotive manufacturers, universities, technology centers and external laboratories accredited by ENAC. Pillars of our key milestones.



Study and selection of materials, characterization in laboratories and universities, consolidation of know-how, proprietary technology with patents in the EU and USA, research with graphene and CEPTA award.



Cesol, the Spanish Association of Welding and Joining Technologies, accepts adhesive bonding as a standard and allows Grupo Navec to exhibit its system for repairing pipes and pressure equipment.



ASME, American Association of Mechanical Engineers, allows Grupo Navec to present its innovative methods of repair with infusion and vacuum according to its ASME PCC-2 repair standard.



JEC Innovation Awards, and world's first project to implement carbon fiber with infusion and vacuum in the cooling system of a nuclear reactor, length 1.5 km DN 800 mm.


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