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Canal Isabel II relies on Navec Group technology

Canal Isabel II relies on Navec Group technology

Canal de Isabel II, a reference institution in the water sector in Spain, relies on Navec Group's infusion and vacuum technology to implant carbon fiber in critical points of the main arteries DN 1600 of drinking water in Madrid.

The actions have been carried out in different areas of the capital considered as 'critical points', under railroad and subway stations, under the busy M-40 and M-30 and under infrastructures of heritage interest. Repair alternatives by traditional means were a major challenge because of their complexity due to large excavations, interference with other services and social pressure exerted by excessive traffic and supply cuts. Adverse situations that demand the use of new materials, a cultural and strategic change towards the implementation of these innovative and long-lived solutions, which are already a reality.

The growth of cities, in extension and population, has generated significant increases in the level of operation of the networks, designed and built dozens of years ago. This situation implies a progressive increase in the risk associated with the appearance of new pathologies, as well as their speed of deterioration; an aggravating factor that, added to the aforementioned complexities, makes the action protocols difficult in many cases. The pipe reconditioning system with infusion and vacuum technology allows restoring the lost structural integrity, providing the required mechanical properties at any point of the pipeline without the previous considerations: no excavations, no interference with the rest of the installations or nearby services and no interruption of traffic and/or supplies.

This milestone has meant for Grupo Navec a strong entry into the water sector, whose involvement can solve major problems in most Spanish cities, as well as being a fully complementary solution to traditional repair and/or replacement methods.