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Grupo Navec and Graphenetech at MATCOMP'15

Grupo Navec and Graphenetech at MATCOMP'15

Grupo Navec and Graphenetech presented at the XI National Congress on Composite Materials MATCOMP'15, held on July 6, 7 and 8 at the Móstoles Campus of the URJC, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, their latest advances through the addition of graphene to epoxy-based matrices.

MATCOMP'15 represents the forum for communication and exchange of ideas between the business, technical and scientific communities that represent the R&D&I of composite materials in Spain. Grupo Navec and Graphenetech, with their collaboration agreement for the development of properties through the addition of graphene in epoxy matrices, used to repair pipes and equipment with composites, expose the latest studies carried out in preliminary characterization tests.

The use of low temperature curing thermosetting resins is very interesting, however, it has been shown that the properties of these resins can be improved by the addition of nano-reinforcements. The incorporation of GNPs, although it may have effects on other additional functionalities, is useful in improving some thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.

The study introduces these nanoparticles without using complex dispersion methods, in order to check if it is feasible to improve the properties of the resins, so that their industrial implementation, in the future, could be simpler. A poor dispersion has a great influence on the electrical properties and partially limits the improvements in mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties, in spite of having obtained slight improvements in the moduli.

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